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 cloud_7 in Treptower Park

cloud_7 in Treptower Park

The temporary art project in the rose garden of Treptower Park 2016:
cloud_7, a pop_up cloud.

Explanation of the basic conceptual idea and its implementation:
For the 9 m² base at the end of the path I have devised a cloud of cut aluminum. This floats on a 4.50 meter high, galvanized scaffold that can be stably attached with six, 60 cm short ground anchors.
The fascination of the cloud from an artistic point of view:
No matter if cirrus, cumulus or stratus, endlessly changing and hardly graspable, clouds in the sky have always fascinated us humans.
The phenomenon spans an arc from the cloud as an ornamental, mysterious dream formation to the threatening thundercloud and the uncanny aesthetics of an atomic mushroom cloud.
wolke_7 also points out that clouds play a significant role in the world’s climate, some of which is unexplored because of its complexity.
High clouds provide warming, low ones cooling, transporting water around the world. The discussion of clouds in the context of climate change is exciting!

Last but not least, wolke_7 stands foran elevated state of mind that has to do with sun, love, summer in the (green) city, a synonym for Teltow Park in summer.

The height of the cloud shape makes the abrupt end of the path a place of transformation, of transfer. A gate of change is created on whose upper frame the sculpture floats.

The room work wolke_7 consists of 7 circular, 2.5 mm thick aluminum discs that can be curved into hemispheres, a Pop_up cloud via a special cutting pattern I developed. These have a diameter of 90 cm each and are firmly connected to each other and to the horizontal scaffold pole via cable ties. The permeability of the structure prevents wind loads. The total weight of cloud_7 is about 25 kg.
The height of the installation of 4.50 m corresponds beautifully with the old trees and the central fountain of the fountain in the beautiful rose garden.