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 Nomad II 2022

Nomad II 2022

In Nomad II I dealt with the dematerialization of visual art in Corona times. In search of the “city as workshop” in the sense of Vilém Flusser, I visited colleagues in their workspaces in different federal states during the last 6 months.
Berlin: Claudia Busching, Frankfurt: Birgit Luxenburger, Munich: Eva Raiser-Johanson, Sybille Rath, Stuttgart: Katrin Ströbel.
We exchanged ideas, some of them over several days, using pictorial means in the spirit of André Léroi-Gourhan (Hand and Word) and Bernhard Waldenfels.
Collaborative leporellos were created on camera.
The initial sheets of thick white paper had been folded and cut from a 4.5m long roll as fifteen A4 landscape pages.
I traveled with this material, linoleum printing blocks and pencils.
It became a very productive and inspiring collaboration in each case, with drawing, printing, collage and painting.
We commented directly, analogously on the leporello the work of the counterpart.
I edited the films and set them to music with the duo Brand Rupp.
A preview was presented as part of the Kultouren Berlin Friedenau with reference to the sponsorship and affixing of the logos of Stiftung Kunstfond and Neustart.
For the resulting hymn to the work in the workshop and the friendship between artists, I am now looking for exhibition venues.
The core is a large tent, printed with white project motifs, in which an audio and video lounge is located.
Around it are arranged the leporellos, objects and spatial projections.
The side project on the nomadic journey of a turtle by Katrin Ströbel and myself will be shown as a walk-in diary.
Berlin/ Munich in October 2022 Nele Ströbel

Films about the creation and the respective result:

Leporello Details Nele Ströbel with Claudia Busching in Berlin

Details from Leporello together with Birgit Luxenburger, Frankfurt

Details with Sybille Rath in Munich

Leporello details with Katrin Ströbel in Stuttgart

Leporello Details Nele Ströbel with Eva Raiser-Johanson in Munich

Nomad II and Leporello documentary with Birgit Luxenburger:

Nomad II and Leporello documentary with Claudia Busching:

Nomad II and Leporello film with Sybille Rath:

Nomad II and Leporello film with Eva Raiser-Johanson:

Nomad II Leporello with Katrin Ströbel: