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 To Aby Warburg’s picture vehicles 2023

To Aby Warburg’s picture vehicles 2023

My interest in the studies, attitudes, and actions of Aby Warburg was sparked by his views on Eurocentric high culture, its origins in the alternation of Orient and Occident, and on interpretive sovereignty and artistic freedom.

I would like to emphasize topics such as

  1. Creative orders and nonlinear systems
  2. Note boxes and their analog inspiration
  3. Transcultural perception of phenomena.

Since my studies in Vienna, I have been in contact with Peter Weibel, Arnold Keyserling and Bernhard Waldenfels about the phenomena of periphery and interspace.

Since I “think the hands” and since the beginning of my pictorial work between analog and digital doing I started with Liolcollagen and picture scrolls on the subject, generated car buses as picture vehicles and transform my ideas to portable works of art the “portables” also three-dimensional in space.

The following groups of works were created for the theme room Bilderfahrzeuge:

  1. “Linocollages” printed on A2 size Japanese papers and on paper rolls. I use the role models for film works and for the equipment of
  2. “little black stages”. These also form spaces for the
  3. “portables” with printed Japanese paper laminated terracotta and cardboard objects.
  4. “basics” larger objects converted as pedestals and image carriers and
  5. “carpyjamas,” printed car buses that mutate into mobile works of art in public spaces

I have digitized Dr. Dorothée Bauerle-Willert’s doctoral thesis



MNEMOSYNE (Lit. Verlag 1988) together with its picture collection and participate digitally in the activities of the Hamburg and London Warburg Institute.