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 floating wave EPO Vienna

floating wave EPO Vienna

Nele Ströbel floating wave in the garden of the PO Vienna Belvederepark was restored in 2019 and shines in new splendor:

float*ing wave 2001

The terracotta sculpture “Flottierende Welle” (Floating Wave) was created in 2001 for the exhibition “ceramics – form and fantasy in European sculpture” of the European Patent Office and the Munich Cultural Department and now has its final location in the garden of the European Patent Office in Vienna.
The 32 modules of the nine-square-meter work are quarter segments of convex and round studded and concave and square studded unglazed ceramic tiles. Their rhythmic arrangement creates a sand-colored “Floating Wave” that seems to hover above the ground in frozen motion.

*”floating” as the sound seems to be in frozen motion. It spreads out in the horizontal or vertical direction, as if it were still modelable, movable. Thus, “floating” embodies the state before and during the creation of a sculpture from clay.