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Not only the outstanding quality of the collection, but also our high level of activity in the areas of research, exhibitions and education guarantee the Artey prominent position in the international & art museum landscape.
 BUGA Munich and IGA Berlin

BUGA Munich and IGA Berlin

Change of perspective

rem_ton – the sound of steps or a journey into hidden spaces

red dot steps The material clay can absorb movement directly and represent it in space as a trace, as a relief or as a three-dimensional body. The step and movement sequences are recorded and mapped analogously. Even when fired, rem_ton floor reliefs depict the encounter of material and dynamics. They reflect frozen movement. The 100 cm terracottas are arranged as groupings on different spatial levels. Starting from a circular shape and a sphere as the basic form, the hollow bodies made of frost-proof material from Fa. GIMA textures the imprints of modern casual footwear reminiscent of biomorphic forms of lattice structures from bionics*.

tube pipe

Bionic time travel:

The microscope reveals images that immediately bear little resemblance to structures we are familiar with and at the same time evoke memories of dream plexuses from the REM (rapid eye movement) phase of sleep.

The further one travels on the SEM (scanning electron microscope) into these spaces hidden from the naked eye, the more intense the memory becomes. After magnifying the single-celled organisms 5,000 times, the image tilts and formations appear that are reminiscent of complex large-scale structures such as coral reefs.

Since the Precambrian, the silicate of diatoms and radiolarians has formed the basic stock of clay-rich areas and at the same time symbolizes the digital age.


The µ-small unicellular plants and animals are surrounded by multiform silicon armor, the structure of which has not yet been unraveled.

My desire to form these round image sections three-dimensionally came when I looked into the SEM. Extreme magnifications produce astonishing images of living systems of order. These worlds, nonlinear orders, allow a glimpse into the future of things.

* The preoccupation with space and its hybrid structural levels led me to bionics (= derivation of complex relationships and non-linear modes of action from nature).