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Not only the outstanding quality of the collection, but also our high level of activity in the areas of research, exhibitions and education guarantee the Artey prominent position in the international & art museum landscape.



Bionic structures, far from the coordinate system and yet full of ordering systems

fascinate the artists Christina Paetsch and Nele Ströbel.

In the form of a small Wunderkammer, they stage a spatial conversation.

The photographic works, terracottas and drawings are meant to make people think about life

of nature in times of urban gentrification.


Botanics a spatial conversation.

My contribution to the space project consists of, partially glazed, terracotta nets that meet in space. These fragile objects resemble in composition the neural spores and nets with which plants communicate. In the process, fungi with their threads and mycelium form the “Internet of the forest”. With photographs compiled drawings, banners and small-format watercolors on cardboard, the theme of networking is condensed. Two video loops show the completely decelerated (love) rotation of two Achatina immaculata, snails on Mauritius and a time-lapse version about the creation of a three-chambered terracotta net in my Munich studio. As multiples in small edition (3 pieces each) the concentric surface openings of two plant outlines are exhibited. “flouwers” are made of metal, plasma-cut, partially painted neon color and covered with black felt on the bottom.