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Not only the outstanding quality of the collection, but also our high level of activity in the areas of research, exhibitions and education guarantee the Artey prominent position in the international & art museum landscape.


The multi-person game musical chairs or chair polka, also called musical chairs, is popular with young and old:

It is a game full of movement, music, togetherness and needs nothing but always one chair short. It can be played across cultures and languages and is good for the body and soul.

Inspired by this spatial play, I developed the wall piece musical_chair/chair_polka:

This high is an offer to all visitors in the new atrium on Corinthstrasse. Here, diverse use and meeting in motion takes place. Here the soul can also dangle sometimes, recover from the school everyday life.

To hold up this lightness like a warm favorite dish, I pulled 26 school and children’s chairs from the archives and transferred their silhouettes into surfaces of metal. These are arranged on the large wall panel as an upward striving vortex on three spacing levels: 10 cm shadow gap at the bottom, 30 cm in the middle and 50 cm at the top.

Their moving forms represent the children’s play and the sounding music like spatial notes on the wall panel on 13.88 m x 5.30 m.

musical_chair/chair_polka, a real source of inspiration on the history of sitting that makes you want to move and communicate.

The different distances create wonderful shadow plays that make the air space float without the need for complicated fuses because of possible turbulence, (chimney effect).

The artwork can be experienced as a multifaceted spatial sound from all levels of the building, both with natural lighting from above and through LED spotlights on dark days.

musical_chair/chair_polka, a real source of inspiration on the history of sitting that makes you want to move and communicate.

For the technical planning of the wall work:

It consists of 26 outline surfaces derived from contemporary and historical school chairs.

Stainless steel rods with welded flanges on both sides, each with 8 screws and anchor dowels suitable for tensile zones, secure the fastening both to the artwork and to the concrete wall. For cleaning or maintenance work, all elements can be unscrewed and easily mounted again. The aluminum plates are 1.5 cm thick and powder coated white. The individual weight of the object plates varies from 6 kg to 22 kg plus depending on the cut-out. of the mounting device made of stainless steel . These allow a distance from the concrete wall, (shadow joint), from 10 cm, to RH 7.26 m, (for objects no. 1 to 8), between RH 7.26 m and RH 10.75 m: 30 cm, (for objects no. 9 to 17) and from RH 10.75 m to RH 16.33 m: cm, (for objects no. 18 to 26). The exact section planning of the outline shapes is done by CAD. The generation and smoothing of the dxf section files is done in coordination with the laser cutter. The aluminum precision cast plates, 150 mm thick, fine milled and foiled on both sides are laser cut and drilled 4 times each.Then the edges are deburred, ground and polished.