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 Jazz Lines

Jazz Lines

Room installation of listening and speaking stations projection cases and music films in the Marstall Café, Marstallplatz, 80333 Munich, Germany

This series of pictures, created especially for the Jazz Lines Festival by KulturKontor (Annelie Knoblauch and Josef Dachsel), will be shown before all concerts and during the breaks. Music is adventure in mind and body.

For Jazz Lines 2009 I visualize the sound spaces of the protagonists on three levels:
As cinematic narrative loops through special places. These report on my impressions and their artistic realization of real visited places like the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, The Old City of Damascus, the Romanian village of Uihey. Composed with the music of festival participants, narrative spaces are created that are projected onto floating spatial forms in the Marstall café.
Furthermore, speech stations/ IN and listening stations/ OUT for festival information and sound samples are mounted on the walls. These rounded chassies made of cast aluminum are inspired by baroque stage models and transistor radios. Suggestions and comments are fed in via an analog microphone. The resulting material will be used to create a sound tapestry that will be published as an audio CD. The technique is integrated into modeled forms.
In the airspace, language garlands visualize words that were compiled into Jazz Lines 2009.

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voice station