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 Group work Tamsweg

Group work Tamsweg

Group work Tamsweg

This work on glass is an emblematic sign that symbolizes community. I developed it from a black and white photo taken around 1950 in Lungau. This shows a large peasant family eating a (milk) soup together from a large plate.

This figure embodies the traditionally symbiotic coexistence in the group and – if interpreted positively – a very communicative form of food intake.

In today’s hectic world, people eat at any time, usually without leisure, in any place, and usually in solitude. The increasing isolation in the consumption of food is to be counteracted by the attractive cafeteria of the school center. Here the intra-school exchange between the students of both schools and the external visitors, (adult education) should take place. The glass front between the cafeteria and the patio allows many visual relationships between the adjacent spaces and the bridge. It is designed as an image carrier with both internal and external effects. Vis á vis the sales counter is the circular emblem:

The black outlines of the hands and soup spoons are centered in a circle around the elliptical center, a green plate set with orange outlines. The braid wreath with yellow background refers to the topographical context like a signature.

On the reverse side, the plate is opaque, so that the spoons are covered. Thus, a ball game is depicted towards the courtyard side.


The drawing with diameter of 1.80 m is cut from 3M foil (Scotchcal_TM_100) according to the digitized lines and glued to the installed window pane from the inside. The films come with a manufacturer’s warranty of 6-10 years (normal construction warranty: 5 years) and are extremely lightfast. Since they are attached to the inside of the pane facing east, the durability will be much longer.