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 Chapel Red Cross Hospital, canopy window

Chapel Red Cross Hospital, canopy window


Competition entry 2001

The chapel is the place of thanksgiving and intercession for the Red Cross Sisterhood and its patients, employees and visitors of all monotheistic religions.

A place of introspection, devotion, contemplation, reflection, questions, search, comfort, communion, hope, the mystery of faith, a place of refuge in distress.

Canopy window detail

Design idea for the meditative color and projection space is the work >canopy window<. This invites you on a journey into the wonderful world of the microcosm.

It bears witness to the diversity of forms in the story of creation and floats like a canopy in the house of God.

The large motif, a kind of cosmic tent floats as a cloudy structure on the east-facing glass front. It forms a color and light perspective from blue-black to yellow, from opaque to highly transparent.

Canopy window detail

Its expansive form dissolves the existing extreme vanishing lines and at the same time forms the framework for further depictions of single-celled animals.

Standing in the chapel, which receives scattered daylight, the viewer experiences a color space that reveals its mystery only at second glance.