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 bricolage or the magic egg carton

bricolage or the magic egg carton

Artistic design for the new building of the day care center for children and youth, Ackermannbogen IV, in Lissi-Kaeser-Straße in Munich.

Concept: The 39 meter long noise barrier facing the Ackermannbogen is to be transformed into a light and lively appearance of the new children’s and youth location by means of a sculptural structure and colorful metal elements. It signals the high quality and innovation of these two facilities to the outside world in the urban space. Spontaneously come to mind all the party cellars, rehearsal rooms, recreational places, lined with a sound-absorbing, inexpensive standard, the: EGG CARTONS.

The matrices of the concrete formwork (250 cm x 120 cm) are released at the end of the manufacturing process, and used to cast 3. five mobile EPDM play mats. These are used outdoors as a receptacle for peg games. Kindergarteners can playfully develop and communicate patterns and letters in the weather-resistant material with colorful balls, or just lounge and dream on it.