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 BND Berlin 4 pull_ups for panke

BND Berlin 4 pull_ups for panke


description of the art concept “4 pull_ups for panke

Central idea: In botany, complex systems become spatially visible as living orders. Seemingly unstructured things often reveal their connections only after repeated observation or remain a permanent mystery.

4 pull_ups for panke are surface openings made of aluminum whose outlines are reminiscent of giant leaves and blossoms from the forest . They pay homage to the renaturalized Panke. Attached to high masts, they float in the center of each of the four square terraced areas designated as sites .

Design idea: The 4 pull_ups for panke send out spatial signals. Their net bodies change with the seasons and light moods, casting artistic shadows through spotlight projections at night. Employees, visitors and residents are inspired to marvel:

Using water jet technology, a complex, coherent pattern (pop-up / pull_up), is cut into the 20 mm thick MIG aluminum plates. The individual, spatial shaping is generated with pulling and bending machines (and a lot of manpower).

The four different, three-dimensional net shapes are each 3.2 m wide, 2.4 m high (plus the mast height of 3 m), and have 2.5 m spatial depth. Their surface is powder coated, (colors still open).

Their total weight is below the maximum payload of 5 kN/m² (500 kg/m²). The poles are placed in a statically calculated base, under the planned floor slabs. Wind loads are low due to the net construction/permeability of the 4 pull_ups for panke. They are precisely calculated (like all static and material details), in the course of an invitation. The cost framework of € 310,000 gross for artistic planning design, engineering design, structural analysis, fabrication of the 4 pull_ups for panke, transport, installation of receiving pedestals and artwork on site is met. The artwork does not incur any follow-up costs and is produced sustainably.