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 art & engeneering exhibition

art & engeneering exhibition

Window art and engineering

With her spatial project “art and engineering,” Munich sculptor Nele Ströbel demonstrates the fruitful collaboration between artistic innovation and executive engineering. With the help of an installation, she visualizes the creative process in exploring the architectural space and in finding her own ideas.

Ströbel documents the complex development process of her works, which have been realized in public space in recent years, on five thematic columns. These include large-scale works such as the “Kreuzblume” in the Red Cross Hospital as well as the “Landshuter Bogen” in the hospital there, the “Trombe” in the Park Office Essen or the “vogelwolke” in the Munich Finance Court as well as numerous competition participations.

art and engineering - space

The advertising columns, which are 2.40 meters high and 1.50 meters in diameter, float on pedestals and are covered with digital prints depicting spatial works in five thematic areas. In addition to photos, they also integrate texts, design sketches, vector graphics and screenshots. Finally, the development of a room sculpture by Nele Ströbel from the idea to the realization in the architectural context includes not only the creation of a 3-D model based on the analog design model via CAD, but also static verification, detailed technical planning and the creation of digital data as a manufacturing basis for the various trades. In addition, material samples, models and various objects document the creative interplay of creative and technical achievements. For example, a beamer projects moving animations into the room or objects invite tactile exploration.

In this way, a multi-layered exhibition of Nele Ströbel’s spatial works is created, whose installation in the foyer of the Supreme Building Authority once again becomes a work of art in its own right.

State Ministry of the Interior