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imbenge dreamhouse

imbenge dreamhouse

Statement by Pipon, light-artist


The colored wire obtained from Munich Telekom's central telephone switchboard is a relic of modern communications technology - antiquated and no longer widely used due to the newest developments in wireless communication.
Like a gigantic neuronal network, complex communication streams with their infinitely fine branches flow around the world, often reaching the most remote communities on earth. Until now, an infinite torrent of information and communication pulsed day and night through artifical veins of fiber-optic cable and metal.

Today, these information streams have been transformed into digital codes; images and words now appear only as abstract successions of 0s and 1s - i.e. 'on' or 'off' - and are transported wirelessly, independent of any material carriers.

In the IMBENGE DREAMHOUSE, the information we experience as dematerialized in our daily remote communications is returned to the concrete physical realm of existence and thus symbolized. Countless high-intensity LEDs are combined with colored telephone wires to create a shimmering energy transfer landscape that spreads over the entire surface of a pavillion segment. The finely branched network of wire and flowing light covers the pavillion like a skin.

This conceptional approach is continually being developed in workshops with IMBENGE colleagues from South Africa and Munich.

PIPON - Créateur de Lumière - Schellingstr. 9, 80799 Munich
With the friendly support of O/R/T Studios München