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(splash three-quarters) 1998

The central foyer and break room of the new center for building technology in Cottbus is an 11-meter high areal. splash-dreiviertel (splash three-quarters) forms a cone which tapers, corresponding to the hall's trapezoid shape. Its basic shape makes the foyer and its spatial arrangement more dynamic.

A 45° segment is cut out of the basic matrix, an 8-part metal contour. This segment rotates, taking 15 minutes to complete the cone every three quarters of an hour, thus "completing" each school period. The basic form of this sculpture was inspired by Edgerton's "milkdrop" series of ultra high-speed photographs, which show how an egg-shaped drop of milk bursts into a crown-shaped form when it hits another surface. splash-dreiviertel visualizes a drop of milk consumed during recess as a three-dimensional spatial form in motion.