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REM-Kissen (REM-pillow)

Vienna 2001

Since 2003 five big "REM-pillows" made of terracotta invite to a rest in the garden of the EPO Vienna, next to Belvedere castle.

At the dedication of this sculpture in Vienna, Barbara Rollmann Boretty said:

Nele Stroebel's imaginative sculpture is shaped by her conceptional work with various materials and subjects. Two and three-dimensional contours based on geometric shapes or biomorphs characterize her works, especially those made for public buildings where form as process is in the foreground.

In the last several years, Stroebel has worked a great deal with the naturally found mineral silicon. The microscopic view of one-celled plants millions of years old has also opened new worlds for her. Monumental enlargements and artistic transformations of these images into ceramic sculptures bridges the gap between them and clay, a material primarily consisting of silicon. Stroebel's first terracottas, made during her studies at the Vienna College of Applied Arts, presaged her current work, which has now reached its epitome and is dedicated to large-format sculptural art with a seldom used material. These ceramic sculptures demonstrate well the artist's intention to develop an individual and abstract language for the spatial-architectural dimension using silicate forms.