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For the open spaces of the publicly subsidized apartment complexes in Munich/Riem: art in the small park is designed to create a center of communication and contemplation which crosses generational and cultural borders and spreads its message to the neighboring urban spaces.

LOOP is a twenty-part metal form spread over a length of 29 meters in a sinus-shaped wave. A complex sequence of vistas and overlaps created by the relationship of the sculpture to its surroundings transforms the landscape into a "visualizing piece." The name of the sculpture plays with a number of meanings. "Loop" is used in its sense of a U-turning or meandering form; as its palindrome, "pool" can also mean to unite. LOOP moves through the park landscape like an accordeon. The interplay of static and dynamic elements creates a give-and-take with the space which invites park-goers both haptically and optically to embark on a discovery trip throughout the area.