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Workshop Durban: Film Documentation
of the Creation of the Imbenge dreamhouse

The entire process around the construction of the Imbenge-dreamhouse has thus far been documented on digital video.

It is planned to turn this documentation into a 12-15-minute film which will accompany the exhibition, as well as a DVD which will be an insert to the catalogue accompanying the exhibition.

The DVD/VHS video can also be used individually for education purposes to explain IMBENGE art and craft in general, as well as the DREAM HOUSE in particular. Furthermore, the DVD can be used for informative purposes and extracts thereof for broadcast purposes, to publicise the exhibitions etc.

The vibrant 12-15-minute film will contain the following aspects, which have already been shot:

  1. The creation and construction of the IMBENGE DREAM HOUSE, both in Munich and in Durban.
  2. Statements and explanations by the various artists as they are working on their respective frames, as well as further extensive background interviews with the various artists.
  3. The inter-cultural communication arising out of this project.
  4. Interview with Dr. Stefan Eisenhofer, the curator of the Africa Section of the Völkerkunde Museum in Munich, which is hosting the first exhibition of this project and was involved in its conceptualisation. Dr. Stefan Eisenhofer was able to give us an international perspective on this very unique South African art and craft form.
  5. Interview with Paul Mikula, who has the largest private collection of African arts and crafts in South Africa, traditional and modern, made available to the public in the Phansi Museum, and who was able to give us historical insights into the development of IMBENGE as an art form.
  6. Apart from showing contemporary IMBENGE art as it is produced today in South Africa, we have an interview with Marisa Fick Jordaan, who has supported modern IMBENGE artists in the Kwa Zulu Natal region in the last 10 years and is bringing out an international publication on telephone wire art.
  7. Documentation of the original weaving style employed in the traditional IMBENGE beer pot covers, shot on location in a Zulu community in rural KwaZulu-Natal.
  8. Interview with Percy Molefe, Director of International Relations in the South African Ministry of Culture, on the importance of such inter-cultural art projects as the IMBENGE DREAM HOUSE.
  9. BROKEN TELEPHONE. An exercise in international communication between the various artists involved in the project with hilarious results.

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