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Daidalos' Traum, 1999

This competition entry for the new home of the State Office of Structural Engineering (Hochbauamt) in the Peter-Auzinger street in Munich was composed of 69 glass motives rotated out of the grid pattern. They create an optical diffusion on three levels which "lighten up" the austere barracks-like architecture of the building and set it in motion.

The glass panels are decorated with images of structures derived from bionics and geometry. Unprinted places are transparent, visibly projecting panel motives on the building's rough plaster facade in an interplay of light and shadow. The glass panels seem to be flying windows which set the facade in motion. The use of printing, projection, positioning, and the reflexes from differing places and passing speeds creates an open structure with sequences of film-like images. This serial sequence generates a multifacetedness which constantly changes through perspective and the effects of light.