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Handel's curls - Detail

händels locke / eine klangwolke für HALLE
(Handel's curls / a cloud of sound for Halle)

1998, competition project

Inspired by the expressive scores of the city of Halle's most famous citizen and his baroque head of curls, I developed a spacial form which moves forcefully from the gallery level towards the top of the Georg Friedrich Handel Hall - an 11 m high, glassed-in, 47° angle room. The 16 elements of this metal contour develop from a circular form created by tangential circles. They form a spacial vortex whose smallest elements reproduce the city's coat-of-arms. Interacting with the spacial levels of the hall, a complex series of differing perspectives and superimposed views accentuates the hall's function as a center for communication and contemplation and creates a certain amount of tension.