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guter stern (good star)

guter stern (good star), 2001

Wall sculpture in the stairwell of the new police station in Wolfratshausen

The most significant insignia for the "citizen in uniform" is the police star. In the Internet, as a logo on cars and buildings, or as an element of the uniform, this 12-pointed form is always immediately recognizable. For the printed motive on the windowpanes, I took this star and digitally reworked, coated, mirrored, and set it optically in motion. I then selected a round section from the resulting image. These 3-motive glass panes show the police star metamorphising into a starfish.

The window panes seem to penetrate the wall like a camera lens, lay imaginary axes, and make the room more dynamic. The circles create an optical permeation at three levels which communicate with the architecture and underscore the movement of light and shadow.

The 7 printed, round disks are each one meter in diameter. They are made of safety glass with a hole drilled out of the center and mounted on the northern wall. The glass colors are burned in translucently, projecting the colored motives onto the white wall. The front of the glass objects is glossy and gives the stairwell a certain transparency due to the reflections of light created.

The use of printing, projection, positioning, and the reflexes from differing places and passing speeds creates an open structure with sequences of film-like images.