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flottierende stele (floating stele)

flottierend*e stel(l)e 2001 (floating stele)

Balcony of the EPO, Munich, Eduard-Schmid-Street

This spacial work consists of two freely modeled, four-part steles.
The segments have convex and concave curved forms which float freely around a central axis. Their form is inspired by the cholla cactus, which grows in the California desert.

flottierende stel(l)e was designed for the balcony of the European Patent Office as a greeting to the romantic balconies of Oskar von Miller's tower.
It is accompanied by two ground objects from the REM-Kissen (REM pillow) series.

*"flottierend" - or "floating" - because the ceramic material seems to have frozen while in movement. It spreads out both horizontally and vertically as if it could still move or be modeled. In this sense, "flottierend" embodies the state of the material before and during its transformation into a sculpture.