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Concepts for the BuGa 2005 (German Garden Show): Changing perspectives

rem_ton - the song of steps, or traveling into hidden rooms

red dot steps Clay can record movement with an immediacy enabling it to represent this movement as a track, relief, or three-dimensional body. Steps and sequences of movements are recorded and mapped in an analog manner. Even when fired, the rem_ton floor reliefs show the meeting of material and dynamics, reflecting movement which has come to a stillstand. The 100-cm terracottas are grouped at various spatial levels. Using the circle and sphere as their basic form, these hollow bodies of frost-resistant material, made by GIMA Texturen, are decorated with footprints made by modern recreational shoes, reminiscent of biomorphic forms seen in bionical grid structures.


tube pipe

Bionical Time Travel:

Viewed through the microscope, images appear which do not seem to have any familiar structures, but remind us of dreamlike forms we know from the REM sleep phase (rapid eye movement).

The more one delves into spaces hidden to the unaided eye with the REM (raster electron microscope), the more intense the memory. After magnifying a one-celled organism 5000 times, the image "tips," revealing formations reminiscent of large, complex structures such as coral reefs.

The silicate of diatoms and radiolaria has formed the basis of clay-rich areas since the Precambrian, and simultaneously symbolizes the digital age.


The µ-sized one-celled plants and animals are surrounded by many forms of silicon shells whose structure has not yet been able to be decoded.

My desire to transform these round images into three-dimensional forms grew as I looked into the REM. Extremely high magnifications create astonishing pictures of living systems. These worlds, i.e. non-linear orders, enable a view in the future of things.

*My occupation with space and its hybrid structural levels led me to bionics (= derivation of complex connections and non-linear effects in nature).