siehechapel Baldachinfenster (canopy window) see Overview 


>Baldachinfenster< (canopy window)


Competition Entry 2001

The chapel is a place of thanks and intercession for the nurses of the Red Cross Hospital as well as their patients, colleagues and visitors of all monotheistic religions.

It is a place where all those who enter can take a few moments to look inward, meditate, contemplate, reflect, ask questions, search for solace, comfort, hope, try to find the secret behind belief or find a place of refuge in times of distress.

Baldachinfenster Detail

The idea behind the meditative color and projection space is the work >Baldachinfenster<. It invites visitors to travel into the wonderful, unseen world of the microcosm.

It represents the variety of form found in the story of creation and floats like a canopy in the house of God.

The large motive, a sort of cosmic tent, floats like a cloud in front of the glass window facing east. It forms a color and light perspective from blue-black into yellow, from opaque to highly transparent.

Baldachinfenster Detail

The canopy's form softens the extreme vanishing lines and simultaneously provides a framework for further representations of one-celled organisms.

When scattered daylight enters the chapel, the viewer experiences a colored space which only reveals its mystery at second glance.

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